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WLABB's Angels

Hello! I'm Kiersten and I'm a senior Costume Design major at Syracuse University. Some of my favorite things are reading, dancing, makeup, and famous internet pets. But actually famous internet pets - I have stuffed animal versions of Grumpy Cat (a regular sized and mini one with a party hat), Lil Bub, Pusheen (possibly not a real pet, but loved regardless), Boo (of the regular and Christmas outfit variety, as well as a mini one with a party hat), and Buddy (Boo's best friend). My sloth stuffed animal (Sloth) thinks he's a famous internet pet (he goes on adventures). I like pictures of cats and clothing with cats on them, but I'm not particularly fond of real cats who want to come near me. My spirit animal is somewhere between caticorn (cat/unicorn hybrid) and slothicorn (sloth/unicorn hybrid). In other words, I am a unicorn. I don't sleep (yay, college) even though sleeping is my favorite. If you like books (I mean, why would you be reading this if you didn't?), talk to me on the social medias! Happy reading!

Hello friends! The other day I forgot the word “small” and asked for a “normal” popcorn and that says a lot about me. More important facts about me: One time a boy winked at me – with both eyes. I consistently oversleep for my 11:00 AM classes. Despite this, I thought it was a great idea to make my schedule next semester involve a 9:30 AM class twice a week and a 9:00 AM class once a week. Spectacular. The school at which I’m found staying up until 7:00 AM is The College of New Jersey, in case you were wondering (I know you were). I’m a Journalism major but instead of writing essays I spend my time stalking people on social media and taking Snapchats of it. I take Snapchats of most things, actually. I’m really quite addicted to Snapchat. And Instagram. Social media in general. I don’t think this is a bad thing, but we can talk about that some other time. I like bad puns, cheesy jokes (and cheesy pizza), and, of course, most of all, books. I could go on for hours about how I love books. When I grow up I’m going to buy a house and it’s going to be a library and I’m going to live in the library and nothing else will be important. Okay, I think this is getting longer than it should be considering that even though I like attention people probably don’t care all that much about my life (I can’t imagine why, I’m hella bomb). Peace out cub scouts, and if you think I’m even the slightest bit rad, I don’t bite, and there are pretty orange buttons with all the ways you can reach me!

Hi guys! My name is Amrutha and I am a freshman at Rutgers, a finance major, and a professional fangirl. I have been reading and freaking out about heart-stopping writing for as long as I can remember. If there’s a solid OTP happening, you better believe that I’m on board. I love pretty much all kinds of books, but one of my favorite genres is YA lit – young adult fiction has been my solace since I was allowed to borrow from the “grown up” section of the library, and this genre continues to surprise me with new twists, constantly evolving characters, and romance for days. While I’ve tended to post really sporadically recently because of college, I’m trying to work out a schedule that allows me to post regularly and explore my love of literature more. If you read any of my past reviews, you'll find that they are a bit harsh (I'm Amruthless, nice to meet you). However, this means that every good review of mine you find are actually phenomenal books, which are my favorite thing. Outside of books and school, I love all things internet and television and bad jokes and solid one liners. Please hit me up with any books you'd like reviewed or just to fangirl about things in general!

 Other Bloggers

Greetings! I am Sam, (Sam I am) and I am thrilled to be a contributor for WLABB. An avid reader and science nerd, I would describe myself as a fiction lover. I do tend to read a lot of contemporary romances, but I also like to mix it up. I also love discussing books in reader groups and on Instagram.

I was born in the far off land of Guyana, from which I cannot garner a single memory. Though, I have taken away the superpower of those from the Caribbean or Caribbean adjacent: I understand the sometimes mystical, Babylonian, almost-english words in Reggae songs. Somewhere in between there and the States, I was in Canada, but it was too cold to remember. So here I am, the New York, New Jersey area. I attended High School in a small alcove of hell known as "JFK Memorial High School" in "New Jersey". There were lots of books during these formative four years, most of which were Percy Jackson, as I re-read the series several (actually 14, not including the second series), and The Mortal Instruments, and the Tapestry series, and, well, you can check my goodreads, but those were the most prominent before I got into the more Hitch-22, and Hitchhiker's Guide books. After a while, I was accepted into NYU's Liberal Arts Program, and spent a year abroad in London, mostly visiting the British Museum, trying not to be a tourist, and smiling at my covers of UK editions of books. And now, I am in New York again, involved in the 2015 CUPSI event for NYU, and studying the bits I mentioned above. I'm here to read some books and kick some butt, and I'll probably never run out of either.